What scents do you do?

Inspired by Alien

Inspired by Angel

Inspired by Aventos

Inspired by Bon Bon

Inspired by Daisy

Inspired by Diamonds

Inspired by Fantasy

Inspired by Flowerbomb

Inspired by Lime Basil and Mandarin

Inspired by Lady Million

Inspired by La Vie Est Belle

Inspired by One Million

Inspired by Pink Peony and Blush Suede

Inspired by Pomegranate Noir

Inspired by Sauvage

Inspired by Si

Inspired by Spring Awakening

Inspired by Touch of Pink

Zoflo linen fresh

Zoflo springtime

Zoflo summer Bouquet

Zoflo Twilight Garden

What are your prices?

Wax Melts = £5

Luxury car freshener = £5

Wax Burners = £6 - £10

Diamond Range Candles = £18

Car freshener vent clip = £1

Reed Diffuser = £16.50

Reed Diffuser Refills = £10

When will ‘X’ be back in stock?

If an item is out of stock a box will appear that will allow you to receive an email notification when the product is back in stock.

How long does delivery take?

We advise a 10 working day delivery period, from order to delivery. However it could take a few more or a few less depending on the volume of orders that we have received at the time. If you have any concerns or need an update please pop us an email. Please ensure you contact us within 28 days, otherwise we are unlikely to be able to find your parcel, as this is the Hermes cut off date. Beyond this point they will not refund or search for your parcel so we cannot assist further. If you are worried about your parcel please contact us at contact@avamayaromas.com

Can I track my item?

You can track your item with the reference number on your Hermes confirmation email. If you have not received your email and you wish to track your order, please contact us at contact@avamayaromas.com and we will do our best to track it for you.

My item hasn’t arrived can you help?

If your item hasn’t arrived and it has been over the 10 days delivery period please contact us at contact@avamayaromas.com. Please contact us within 28 days, as this is the Hermes cut off date.

What’s the difference between a wax melt and a candle?

Ava May Aromas Wax melts are notoriously strong and renowned for filing a room with scent.
The reason the melts give off such a strong aroma is that the wax doesn't come into direct contact with the flame.
In contrast candle wax is in direct contact with the flame, which burns of much of the scent in the wax. However much of the appeal of the candles is the aesthetics.
In summary if you are looking for a scent to fill your house then an Ava May Aromas wax melts is the way to go. However if you are looking for a more understated aroma, in a jar that will bring a touch of style to your home, then be sure to look at our candle ranges.

Do wax melts work with scentsy burners?

Yes our wax melts can be used on electric burners, however because they do not heat to the same temperature as tea light burners they will not throw the scent as far. It is also possible that they will turn into an type of sludge because they aren’t heated up to the full melting point. Therefore I would advise the use of a tea light burner, but electric burners are perfectly safe with our wax - it is all down to personal preference.

Can I combine my orders for postage?

Unfortunately we are not able to group orders together. I apologise for the inconvenience but I am sure that you can appreciate that we do not have the capacity or the staff to be able to process these requests. When two separate orders are made they will be several orders apart on our website and they can be very difficult to track down. Often by the time we have seen the email asking us to do this, we have already boxed up the first order. We are happy to refund you one of your orders if you would prefer. Again apologies for any inconvenience, I really wish that I could be of more help. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Can I add a discount code after my order has been processed?

Unfortunately we are unable to add the discount after the order has been placed. Our website doesn’t have the capability to be able to do this and especially in the run up to Christmas we have a high volume of orders to get through.

Do you ship to Ireland?

Yes we do ship to Ireland, Please process your order through our website, and the cost of shipping will be calculated for you at checkout.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we do ship Internationally, Please process your order through our website, and the cost of delivery will be worked out for you at checkout.

Do you do sample packs?

We do not sell sample packs at the moment, however we do sell Mystery Bags. Mystery bags contain 8 wax melt cubes, with 2 different scents in each bag so it is a lucky dip as to which scent you recieve. They are a useful way to discover new scents that you may not normally choose.

How do I know what they smell like?

We recommend popping into your nearest Boots or Superdrug and asking to smell the scents you’re interested in. This is an ideal way to get a sense of what our products smell like.

I’ve Dm’d you but you haven’t replied?

I am sorry that I haven’t replied to your DM, I receive hundred DM’s in a day and it can be hard to keep track of who I have spoken to and who I haven’t. It is always best to email me at contact@avamayaromas.com. As all emails will be answered within 48hrs.

I live locally can I pick my order up?

If you live locally and you wish to pick up your order, please email us so that we can try to accomodate a time for you to pop by.

Can I add something to my order?

We will always try our best to accomodate any last minute requests, however if an order has already been processed we will be unable to add anything to it. Please email contact@avamayaromas.com to see if we can help.