Electric Melters

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Our new beautiful burners compliment our luxury wax melts perfectly. Place one cube in top of the burner flick the switch and adjust the temperature by touching the touch sensitive base. Please read all warnings before burning any wax melt. See our description for more detailed warning information.


Remove all packaging.

Keep out of reach of children & pets. Keep out of draughts.

Do not move while burning.


Burst & Cascade 3D wax burner with Touch technology, touching the base will change the level of heat/light.

Please only touch the base not the sides as these get very hot during burning.

Do not move the burner whilst the wax burner is switched on or even once switched off if the wax is molten, please wait for the wax to set.

The Burst burner does come with a spare bulb, but if you need to purchase another replacement, it's a 40 watt GU9 capsule bulb.

The Cascade burner is a 40 watt halogen capsule bulb.

Do not touch the halogen bulbs with your bare hands as skin contact can cause them to blow. When changing the bulb, we recommend you use a piece of tissue paper. We further recommend that you read all instructions that come with the product before using. 

Please turn the burner of by the touch sensitive pad before turning off at the wall, as turning it off at the wall can cause it to cool to quickly and may result in breakages.

Silver Mosaic Melter - 15 X 12 X 12 cm

Bust 3D electric burner - 17cm